Amazon Kindle eReader Review

An impressive e-reader in its own right, at a price that undercuts the rest of the market.

8.0 score Tested by Experts
  • The Amazon Kindle Touch is better than 54% of the ereaders we tested.
  • It is one of two ereaders we have tested under $100.
  • This product is scored relative to other tablets we've tested. Learn more.
# of ereaders Product Score This graph shows the Amazon Kindle Touch ’s score compared to other ereaders we tested.


The second release in as many days, Amazon introduces us to the Kindle Touch, a multi-touch eReader. While the loss of the keyboard is a little disappointing, the touchscreen more than makes up for the loss of control the Kindle released earlier this year demonstrated. Combine that with the absolutely stellar support and features provided by Amazon, and you've got yourself a solid eReader.

Comparable Products

Before you buy the Amazon Kindle Touch , take a look at these other ereaders.


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