Velocity Micro Cruz r103 Tablet Review


Micro Cruz Tablet r103's bad touch interface and slow processor makes for an infuriating experience indeed.


When we get bad tablets in to review in the future, they will be compared to the Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet r103 (4 GB) . Not to be mistaken for a functional or even the least bit easy to use tablet, the Cruz Tablet r103 (4 GB) is much more expensive, and about as good at reading eBooks as your average brick. Not only does it struggle with showing a decent image in any environment other than in the depths of the darkest cave you can find, but it also has a wretchedly bad touch interface that will frustrate you. If you can't use it on your commute or even in a lit room, why pay money for the frustration? Truly, the Cruz Tablet r103 (4 GB) is the gold standard of god-awful.


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  2. Product Tour
  3. Screen
  4. Battery & Controls
  5. eReader
  6. Music & Audio
  7. Movies & Video
  8. Email & Web Browsing
  9. Internet Apps
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  13. Conclusion